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Do you Suffer From A Skin Allergy? This Might Help

Sometimes, a skin allergy is nothing to worry about. Most skin allergies are minor flareups that can safely be ignored. Sometimes they are provoked by changes in the weather, a certain food, or even a sudden change in mood. Nonetheless, a serious skin allergy can be a real problem. One of my best friends used to break into hives unexpectedly. I never found out what it was – I think his doctors didn't know. Nonetheless, it was very real and very scary. His skin would swell up and become covered with large, blotchy patches. He would get itchy and uncomfortable, and sometimes start wheezing. 

He tried a lot of different things for his skin allergy. One of the best standbys used was Benadryl. He was an occasional allergy sufferer, so he didn't need to take antihistamines all the time. Nonetheless, when he would have an allergy skin flare up or some other type of reaction, he could always take a couple of them right away to ease the suffering a little bit. Nonetheless, it didn't really do enough for him. It helped it go away quicker, but it still could get pretty bad before it got better.

Sometimes he would use a skin allergy cream to treat it. Eczema allergies ran in his family, so many of his relatives had Eucerin or some other kind of cream that they would use during the winter months. He tried rubbing the stuff on his skin One time when he flared up, and was surprised to see it helping. Apparently, cortisone cream is very good stuff. It is excellent for treating skin inflammations of all sorts, and skin allergies are no exception.

Even so, he skin allergy attacks continued. As a matter of fact, when he went to college, the flareups got worse. He would be overcome by hives when studying or sometimes even right before going into a big test. Following some friends advice he downloaded a copy of Yeast Infection No More and this gave him the first clue he had to the true origin of his skin flare-ups.

It turns out that he wasn't suffering from a skin allergy at all. Instead, he was suffering from stress induced psychosomatic skin reactions. He would get so upset that his body would create symptoms. It is not as uncommon as you would think, but it can't really be effectively treated by medicines. They can help, but they can't cure it. Instead, he started going to see a counselor, and taking antianxiety medication. That helped him clear it up finally.