Premature Ejaculation Can Be Treated With Enlast

Premature ejaculation can create real issues between your partner and yourself. This is a condition in which you reach your climax before your partner wants you to. This typically will occur within two minutes of vaginal penetration. This will leave your partner dissatisfied and unable to really enjoy the intimacy of sex.

The solution to coping with premature ejaculation is a desensitizing cream, such as Enlast. These creams work to create a slight numbing effect on the male genitals during the act of sex. This specific premature ejaculation cream is designed to provide numbness to the man, while not causing any numbness of the woman. This works even if a condom is not used.

If you are suffering from early ejaculation you should seek the assistance of a special cream like Enlast to treat your condition. There is no reason to live with the disappointment any longer.